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I have very very bad back pain too. I had tendonitis from 14-19!! And I had two accidents. What works for me: Any bicep and triceps exercises, for some reason help a LOT. And omg leg exercises; try pop pilates. Strengthening the legs increases posture and has helped me loads. Cardio: SWIMMING. Im taking it up this weekend! Best exercise for your back. General weight loss is amazing but seriously weights are what work best . X

(cont.) Oh and I really dont recommend doing planks for than twice a week for a good while it can do serious damage. I did planks four days one week I was in agony for two weeks

Hey, sweetie! Thanks for your recommendations :) For good or bad I actually know what is causing my back pain. The good news is that I can work on it and fix it, the bad is that it’s an alignment problem /muscle disbalance, which means I have to be extremely persistent and patient. There are a lot of things I can’t do because this disbalance is making it almost impossible for me to activate my abdominals and my back suffers because of that. So the smartest thing for me to do is stay away from weights for the most part. It really sucks because I’m dying to get back into crossfit and lift, but I was already irresponsible once and hurt my back again. I’m doing things the right way this time.

It’s great that you swim, but I can’t. I mean I just drown, haha :) It’s a fear I’ve wanted to overcome for years but haven’t yet :(

As for planks, I was actually advised to focus on my abs, because at the moment the muscles on my back are much stronger and they are pulling my pelvis backwards, forcing it to rotate. That on the other hand is stretching my abdomens and they can’t work properly. This is where my main problem comes from. By strengthening the abs they’d be able to resist this pull and my pelvis should slowly become aligned. Planks are one of the safest core exercises because they are static and that in my case is vital. I can’t hold them for longer than 30-40sec at a time, because as I said, my abs are weak, but performing this exercises multiple times a day should increase their strength. If you feel back pain when you do them, it probably means you have a similar problem as me and you should stop as soon as you feel any pain.

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