Anonymous asked:
Hey, I just wanted to know how much did it cost to you the almonds? and how much does it weight? Just in comparaison to my country, because here's so expensive. xx

They are 150g and cost about $5. Nuts aren’t cheap here either :(

happy-kim-strong-kim said: It probably is true for me too, so what foods keep you full for longer then??

Protein :) I guess you can try lowering your carbs and making sure you get enough protein at each meal and see what works for you best. I personally, found out that I don’t need any snacks between breakfast, lunch and dinner - I just don’t get hungry that often if I eat enough protein. Before that I used to have at least 2-3 snacks between meals.

happy-kim-strong-kim asked:
I thought carbs were filling??

Carbs fill you, but not for long. They raise your blood sugar, which causes insulin to be produced. Which, in turn, makes blood sugar to drop and you’re hungry again.

Of course, that’s not true for everybody. Some people react differently to different types of food. But it’s true for most people, including myself.

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